Turning unforgettable experiences into brand properties

Create a brand property for Budweiser that resonates with young-adult males at a time and place that are uniquely ownable for the brand.


Sampling Campaigns, Large Events, Mobile Tours, Retail Events, Application Development

Bud Camp crews are deployed from coast to coast in a search for young-adult males looking to earn their way to the best party of the summer.

Bud Camp – the Ultimate Wildlife Experience. A three-day retreat where the unbelievable comes to life: live concerts, monster trucks, white water rafting, ATV courses, paintball games, and more… All hosted by 50 Bud Camp girls.

Every summer, since 2007:
  • 25,000 consumers ‘experience’ Bud Camp
  • +6,000 samples are distributed in the on-trade channel
  • Total program integration brings 50MM+ impressions

Mosaic has won several awards within the North American marketing community for this campaign, and Bud Camp continues to thrive as a Budweiser property.

The Influence Circle
The Influence Circle

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