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What we do

We engage the consumer where the potential for influence is greatest, and most measurable: in store, in their community and online. Mosaic’s key differentiator is a proven ability to leverage our three key competencies – Retail, Experiential and Digital – to deliver integrated solutions for our clients.

Experiential Marketing Services

Connecting with consumers through immersive experiences.

We give the consumer a ‘reason to believe’ through immersive brand experiences that make memorable and impactful connections.

B2B events

From networking events, sales and training, product launches, road shows, and corporate hospitality events, to trade shows and conferences, we design experiences that engage customers and nurture relationships.


Conception and meticulous pre–production, live orchestration, content creation and amplification activities; our stunts disrupt, excite audiences and capture media attention whle producing content for your brand network.

Sampling campaigns

Backed by several decades of experience, we build focused sampling campaigns with guided, relevant trials – getting your product in the hands of those who matter.

Mobile tours

We create memorable experiences in multiple markets through a perfect balance of innovation and logistics. From pop-up environments to 50-foot trailers, we ensure your brand connects with consumers on a national scale.

Large event

Big ‘Bangs’ deliver big results. From festivals to parties, exclusive events to customized properties, our wide-ranging resume guarantees we can deliver on your needs.

Sponsorship activation

We develop unique and relevant onsite executions, promotions, retail overlays and digital extensions to help optimize the reach of each dollar spent on your sponsorship property.

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