Outsourced Sales Forces

Developing and maintaining retail relationships

When it comes to connecting your brand with a consumer, we believe that people make the difference. Finding the best people, deploying them efficiently, and continually measuring and optimizing their impact is how we ensure Mosaic delivers success tour clients. Our talent deployment process, driven by our proprietary technology platforms, allow us to deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate our talented sales people with your infrastructure.

    • Cost Efficient
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Category Solutions
    • Web-Based Reporting and Analytics
    • Dedicated Sales Forces
    • Experience-Driven Processes and Solutions
    • Strategy
    • Syndicated Sales Forces
    • Retail Expertise
The Influence Circle
The Influence Circle

It starts with the consumer, and where they are


Based on this, we then define our service offering under our pillars of expertise.


Providing our clients strategic, innovative, and fully integrated solutions for the new marketing landscape.