It’s undeniable that people are an effective form of media: Trained Ambassadors communicate key messages about your brand, ultimately delivering an impression. So how are people a more effective medium? They offer deeper engagement, giving the consumer a ‘reason to believe’ through a more immersive experience.

It’s these experiences that allow consumers to engage and better connect with your brand.


  • 1
    PR Events

    Creating and amplifying unforgettable moments

  • 2
    Sampling Campaigns

    Getting your product
    in the hands of those
    who matter

  • 3
    Mobile Tours

    Taking your message on
    the road – literally

  • 4
    Large Events

    Big ‘Bangs’ deliver
    big results

  • 5
    Sponsorship Activation

    Optimizing your reach through sponsorship

The Influence Circle
The Influence Circle

It starts with the consumer, and where they are


Based on this, we then define our service offering under our pillars of expertise.


Providing our clients strategic, innovative, and fully integrated solutions for the new marketing landscape.