PR Events

Creating and amplifying unforgettable moments

The need for unique, clever, and share-worthy content that helps your brand rise to the top of the 24-hr news cycle is pivotal when attempting to deliver a new message.

Whether it’s flash mobs or press events, celebrity-fuelled soirees or simply a branded open house, our creative and client service teams ensure your product will be in the center of the spotlight.

    • Festival Activation
    • Stunts
    • Pop-up Retail
    • PR Conferences
    • Environmental Design
    • Location Management
    • Location Scouting
    • Musical Performers
    • VIP/Media Events
    • Interior Design
    • Leasing Agreements
    • Brand Launches
    • Celebrity Management
The Influence Circle
The Influence Circle

It starts with the consumer, and where they are


Based on this, we then define our service offering under our pillars of expertise.


Providing our clients strategic, innovative, and fully integrated solutions for the new marketing landscape.