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Blog - June 3, 2013

A Top 10 on why Mosaic's a 10

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As someone relatively new to Mosaic, and who has been around the agency block a time or two, I can already see why the work is great, productivity is high and turnover is low: the work hard, play hard mentality that is engrained throughout the organization.

In the short amount of time I’ve been here, these are the top 10 things (in alphabetical order) that sets Mosaic apart from the rest:

10. Thirsty Thursdays. While nearly every agency has some sort of social event that entails beer and/or cocktails, Mosaic has taken a different approach. Every Thirsty Thursday a different group is responsible for hosting. Friendly competition ensues, resulting in Pinterest-worthy presentation and Facebook-worthy status updates.

9. The Writing’s on the Wall. Literally. Everywhere you look you’re inspired by the strategies being drawn out on every available surface. From whiteboards to chalkboards to neatly displayed Post-Its, the vibe at Mosaic is collaborative and creative through and through.

8. The Fashion. Every day presents multiple photo-ops for the Mosaic Facebook page Who Wore It Better updates. While no two Mosaic-ers have the same style, based on the number of ‘twinsie’ photos we have just waiting to be posted, it’s fair to say many that of us are slaves the latest trends.

7. Our Sports Teams. Whatever your sport and whether spring, summer, winter or fall, Mosaic offers the opportunity to join forces with colleagues that have the same goal: to rule the league.

6. Our One-Team Approach. As we continue to grow, we continue to acquire new skills to add to our resume.  From Strategy & Ideation to Digital to PR to Package Design to XM to Shopper Marketing, we are a one-stop shop for many of our clients.

5. Our Clients. Whether they’ve found us on Google from South Korea or whether they’ve had a long-standing partnership with Mosaic, they keep us on our toes and motivated to do our best work ever. Every time.

4. Mosaic Cares. Mosaic cares a LOT about a number of different causes, and it’s fun and easy to get involved! So whether you want join the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas in support of Movember, walk or cheer on Mosaic’s team for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, there’s a passion project here for you to be a part of.

3. L&Ds. As Mosaic employees we’re constantly being given the opportunity to share our skills with our co-workers and/or learn from those willing to share their knowledge. From Mosaic’s quarterly interactive 5 Things sessions to seminars about how to have difficult conversations, Mosaic is there to support you in your growth and development.

2. Complimentary Skill Sets. Whether it be across teams or within your own team, someone here always knows what you need to know. Better yet, someone is always willing to help you out or at the very least, point you in the direction of someone that can.

1. ‘Co-workers’ and ‘Friends’ are Synonymous. Mosaic is made up a tight-knit bunch of people. While everyone is unique it’s easy to find something in common with anyone that works here. Off the clock, Instagram often blows up with photos of Mosaic-ers out and about town together. (Just look up #sensation!)



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