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Blog - May 27, 2013

Finally, A Show You Can Really Get Into

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Sure, we’ve all yelled at the TV screen before, to no avail. The actor still runs up the stairs when they SHOULD run out the front door, but yelling helps to relieve the stress we feel during intense scenes and live sporting events – it just feels good!

The SyFy Channel has heard our cries and is offering viewers the chance to yell even louder, and be heard! While apps like GetGlue and Viggle allow us to check in and chat about TV shows together, SyFy has one-upped them by creating a much more immersive experience.  

With over $100M and 5 years spent in development, this month, SyFy (in collaboration with Trion Worlds) has launched Defiance, the TV show and game.  Players in the MMO (massively multiplayer online) universe will have the ability to affect the television show through gameplay and vice versa. For example, if a building is destroyed in the show, it will no longer appear in the game. And SyFy isn’t stopping there. Next up is a new show called Opposite Worlds - being touted as a real-life Hunger Games. It’s a reality show which allows viewers to send competitors gifts to aid them in different challenges. Also in talks is a horror series starring Jamie Foxx, which will allow viewers to choose between alternate endings. 

So, how loud will you yell?


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