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Blog - December 6, 2011

Mosaic Grows Past Lofty Goal For Movember 2011

Posted by Andrew Millard

Slide1 When a group embarks on a journey like we have this "Movember":, it’s natural to sometimes second guess whether our efforts will be deemed as successful, or even appropriate. After all, we do work in a client facing world where it benefits us not to resemble a used car salesman. But if the past month has proven anything, it’s that a team of inspiring individuals, combined with their hard work and altruistic personalities can truly make a difference. Being a guy with a freshly grown mustache isn’t as easy as you think. Having most day to day interactions begin with an awkward stare at your upper lip can take some getting used to (especially during those early growing phases). But there was one place where a Mo Bro could feel comfortable no matter the state of his facial hair. The Mosaic community has literally blown us away with their love and support throughout this month. You have no idea the impact when an interaction isn’t greeted with an awkward stare, but rather a compliment on a disheveled mo. The reception of this "unique charitable movement": is a testament to who we are as an organization. We adopt new concepts in their early stages, make them our own, and embed them in who we are and our culture. Mosaic, together blew past our goal by raising $27,320 to help change the face of men’s health, and this is something that we need to have a strong sense of pride over. I truly believe one of the biggest wins of this campaign was showing that Movember isn’t entirely about men and their mustaches. Our Mo Sista movement very much lead the way in the early stages and in the end helped us carry this hairy torch to new heights. They supported us when we needed it most, and I know every Mo Bro is extremely grateful for that. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mitchell Stern, Jess McCann and Erik Sherman. Without these key co-leaders, our Movember movement would not have had the success we achieved. Also, a big shout out to our committee/brain stormers/organizers/actors/bakers Andrew Gayle, Khaleed Juma, Jeff Miller, Jenna Wilson, Krista Faist, Jennifer O’Doherty, Lindsay Taylor, Heather Ogilvie, the boys from Laval and our photo book/box designer Joe Ho. I would also like to thank "Movember Canada": ("Pete":!/MoBroPete, "Matt":!/mattyipa, "Jesse":!/MoBroJesse and "Mere":!/MoSistaMere) for supplying us with ample motivation in their visit and also all the great swag. And last but not least, a huge thank you to our Mo Bros. You donated your face (and for the most of us, your good looks) to raise money in hopes to better the awareness of our own health. As we gently remove our mos and carefully place them in our closets in anticipation for next year, remember to personally thank everyone who donated to our cause. Together we proved that Movember is more than growing a mustache, it’s about wearing these hair ribbons with confidence. It’s about showcasing our support in the hopes that one day this moustache movement will grow so thick and burly it will ‘overcomb’ this disease’ Ps. I’m keeping my mustache. Cheers, Andrew.


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