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Blog - May 31, 2013

Mosaihack: an organic innovation (and legal) experience

Posted by Courtney Verk in Mosaihack, Online Technology, Arduino, Photo Recognition, Geo-location

Mosaihack logo

In a fast paced industry with boundless client projects and demanding deadlines, finding time to explore and proactively build innovative marketing tools is near impossible. But with the extraordinary benefits of creative free-play outweighing the scheduling challenges at hand, Mosaic decided it was time to deploy Mosaihack!

Mosaihack isn’t a computer crime symposium for Mosaic’s world domination – although that WOULD be awesome. It’s an innovation experience where teams collaborate and experiment with different concepts for technology based marketing tools without the restrictions of process, deadlines, or budget limitations.

Spearheaded by Brent Faulkner, Mosaic’s Director of Online Technology, the first of what will be a quarterly tradition for his team took place on May 3rd. Mosaic’s Front End, Back End, In-field Developers, and members of the Quality Assurance, Hardware and Asset Management teams got a chance to mingle and play around with some incredible technologies. And while the projects themselves are top secret, we can reveal that geo-location, live chat, Arduino, and photo recognition were all on the table, and might just be integrated in to Mosaic events and digital campaigns in the near future.

Brent and team look forward to extending an invite to members from different areas within the organization down the road. So stay tuned for your chance to take part in a preemptive hackathon. And if you can’t wait until then, why not start up a free-play powwow of your own. For those of you who don’t work here… just another reason why you should ;)


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