Whassup Again

How a Super Bowl campaign changed cultural behavior.

Content & Digital

Content & Digital

1 in 3 Canadians still make the stupid decision to drink and drive. It’s truly a shocking stat considering all the smart ways to get home nowadays. So when Budweiser approached us to create a campaign to change this behavior, we knew we needed to do more than entertain. We needed to create a campaign that would change cultural behavior.

To that end, on its 20th anniversary, we resurrected the classic Whassup ad with the help of a socially integrated campaign, and orchestrated a moment in this year’s Super Bowl that broke records and borders to deliver record results for Budweiser and Uber. This showed Budweiser cares about its customers’ well-being and spread an important message that aligns brand strategy and purpose.

While the spot aired only during the Canadian broadcast of the game, it made headlines globally, ranking on over 70 lists of the best Super Bowl Ads and appearing in over 400 news stories worldwide. More importantly, Uber saw a 20% increase in rides compared to last year, ensuring hundreds of thousands of Canadians chose the smart way home. That’s whassup.