Loblaw Companies Limited

National Kickoff

How a business conference was made more human.



In early 2020, Loblaw announced their goal to be recognized as a truly customer-centric business, engaging Mosaic to launch this monumental shift at their National Kick Off – a biennial conference that unites store managers from coast to coast for 3 days of team building, leadership, innovation and company vision.

While most grocery retailers would focus on the products on the shelf, we instead focused on the people who shop them, reimagining the conference from the ground up. In just 3 days, we built a quintessential small town and invited Loblaw employees to walk a day in their customers’ shoes, literally.

Carefully crafted to encourage empathy through immersion, every home and experience was designed to represent real people—different family units, income levels, backgrounds and of course, different challenges.

With 1,400 attendees (110% over benchmark) and 29,400+ engagements (163% over benchmark), our experience resonated. Internal feedback was extremely positive with 96% rating it a 4+ out of 5. In total, employees walked 880,000+ steps in someone else’s shoes.