Stadium Bites

How a brand converted a new consumer base into big fans.

Integrated Commerce

Integrated Commerce

Football, one of North America’s favorite sports, delivers two million fans to stadiums on game day. Celebrating their city pride and team with beer and local food favorites. But in 2020, the global pandemic sidelined fans, forcing them to cheer from home as cardboard versions of themselves sat idle in the stadium seats. Preventing them to savor the one stadium experience they missed the most – the bites.

Stella Artois created Stella Stadium Bites: a twist to the in-stadium suite experience that delivered classic stadium food to fans’ homes on game day. Supported by one of the NFL’s largest fan base, The New York Giants, Stella huddled in the kitchen with legendary New York Giants’ alumnus, Victor Cruz, and James Beard award-winning celebrity chef, Daniela Soto-Innes, to inspire and elevate its own food playbook.

On game day, fans were invited to a custom microsite that showcased these mouthwatering bites. Fans were able to order a 6-pack of cold Stella Artois, their choice of food, and choose a delivery time slot between 4-10 pm on game day. Every order was delivered in Stella’s own premium way: with two custom engraved Chalices and a donation note made out on the fan’s behalf to the Food Bank of New York City.

The Stella Stadium Bites pilot program scored 5.2M social impressions, 100% positive consumer sentiment and 27.1M PR impressions from celebrities and media outlets, attracting the attention of new and potential team partnerships. Because of its success, the program continues to expand and evolve, converting a new consumer base – sports fans – to Stella.

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