C/O Journal


Nov 22 / Thinking

Shopper Marketing: Past, Present & Future

What is Shopper Marketing, and where did it come from? Read about the evolution of digital shopper marketing in this blog outlining the past, present and future of the always-on consumer.

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Oct 28 / Thinking

Determining ROI From Your Experiential Investment

Proving Return on Dollars Spent in Experiential Marketing

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Sep 16 / Thinking

Product Photography vs CGI

Mosaic’s own Design Director and CGI Artist of 18 years Tony Melino explores the debate between real and realistic.

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Jul 18 / Thinking

Minimalist Branding vs Maximalism

When the majority of ad designs are minimalist, sometimes the best way to grab customer attention is maximalism. See how to rock maximalist advertising.

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Jun 11 / Thinking

What is C/O?

Mosaic to Launch New Blog Series

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Jun 11 / Projects

Breaking Stereotypes of Women | Questionable Marketing Trend

Strong female voices are echoing across the globe, and brands are taking notice. We’ve had several clients who traditionally target men ask Mosaic for help in sparking conversations with women. These briefs inevitably lead to the same question: how can brands be more relevant to this sought-after and diverse demographic during this wave of women’s empowerment?

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